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This is an Epilogue to the posting I did in January 2008 about the slow demise of Luton Town FC which as we saw last Saturday, after 98 years finally losing their league status.

Mick Harford in the Luton dugout

If I may take a quote from one of my favourite films: “Lads! Let us not be down-hearted. One total catastrophe like this is just the beginning !”

There have been other clubs that have spent time in the abyss and have come back. Carlisle are probably the best example of that. Aldershot had it even worse. They went out of existence and look at them now.
Nick Owen
There are some who haven’t… Oxford right now are not showing many signs of a revival, but I know and I’m sure that with the new structure at the club (with the famous jumper wearer Nick Owen in there too) they will return better and stronger.

As long as Mick Harford, who was in that League Cup winning team on April 24th, 1988, sticks with them too. As well as some of the players too.

Wondering out loud here – Are they the biggest club (as in won a major trophy or league title) to ever go down ? If there are any footie statto’s out there who do know, leave a comment.

Talking of trophy’s – It was only a few weeks ago (April 5th, 2009) that Luton won the Football League Trophy. They went into that final knowing that they were probably doomed even if they won every remaining league match, but they still went and played and won (in extra time) what was described as one of the best cup finals in years.

The numbers were too insurmountable. Bournemouth had 15 points deducted, so they had better odds of pulling themselves out of it. But for Luton again they must have had the thought in the back of their minds even at the beginning of the season that it was an impossible ask. Bravo to everyone for not giving up though.

– There is a loyal (and musical) fan who also got involved and did everything she could to raise money to help the club.

Back in August of last year (2008) the singer and actress Jane Ledsom recorded a song 30 Down To Zero (Here Come The Hatters) which was released in September:

“Luton fans reacted to this season’s 30-point deduction in a variety of ways, some got angry, some depressed and some became defiant, however one fan reacted in a completely unique way. Singer and life-long Hatters fan Jane Ledsom, along with her backing group “The Shouty Boys”, have recorded the song “30 Down to Zero (Here Come The Hatters)” which calls upon the team and it’s fans to unite and fight to claw back the 30 point loss. The song will be played before every game until the 30 point deduction is over turned, and it has already become a bit of an anthem amongst the Hatters’ faithful.”

Jane Ledsom Jane Ledsom - 30 Down to Zero:
(stream only, the high bitrate version can still be purchased and downloaded via ITunes.)

» There’s a

Jane Ledsom 30 Down to Zero Music Video

Additional: When the team reached the Johnstone’s Paint final Jane re-wrote the song for the occasion and called it: “30 Miles from Wembley”. – You can hear it on her MySpace page and again, it can be downloaded via ITunes.

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