Let it not be said that there’s an English bias here on F&M.
I am an international person and I’m always looking for music from other nations.

Eurovision has got to that stage now where you have a better chance of winning if you sing in English, but I say nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with belting out a tune in your native language.

I’ve done a podcast featuring music from France and in the recent post about the World Cup Theme Songs one of the tunes I mentioned is sung in Portugese.

Today though I am looking at Germany and a few songs done by various people for their World Cup (WM) campaign.
[With a big thanks to the legendary Kenny Legg (@AiTinpot) from the world famous Adventures in das Tinpot for his valuable assistance.
If you’ve never visited AiT then you’ve never seen the Bob Marley pants.]

⇒ Starting with this one from Tobee, an entertainer who has been involved in creating either European Championship or World Cup songs in relation to the German national team for quite a few years now.

⇒ Next up we have Melanie Müller, a reality TV show star, who has appeared on the German versions of The Batchelor and “I’m A Celebrity !”   This one, Kenny tells me is getting the most headlines. eg: Große Brüste machen noch keinen guten WM-Song (“big breasts don’t make a good world cup song”)

⇒ This is from Drei Wochen Paradies (Three Weeks Paradise) with the song “Auf dem Fuß” (In the foot), which takes a look back at Germany’s World Cup history:

Diedo are err… well you can’t exactly call them a girl group… A ladies band…? Anyway this is their World Cup song for Germany for Brazil:

⇒ This is a very decent effort from the German rock band Loudstark and it is called “Unser Tag” (Our Day):

⇒ Lastly for now there’s this one paid for by Mercedes Benz… are they official World Cup partners/sponsors…?
I don’t think they are.   UPDATE: They are. (Thanks Mike !)
Keep watching this one right to the end:

These are only a few in what is an inexhaustible list. If you go to this website you’ll see that the Germans are just as sad as the English when it comes to releasing a World Cup tune for their nation.

June 10th Update: Thanks to… I can’t find them now, but they tweeted to let me know that ARD the official broadcaster of the World Cup (WM) in Germany have chosen this by Andreas Bourani as the music for their coverage:

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