I’ll probably regret this but here goes… On this page I’ll attempt to add a World Cup song done for each country. Whether they be official or unofficial it doesn’t matter. In the case of teams having more than one song (Germany, England) I’ll pick one which I think is the “best” – in my opinion, but will link to the post with the other tunes. » If you know of a song that is not listed here or you think needs adding then leave a comment or tweet me @FootieAndMusic.

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World Cup

Group A


This is from Gaby Amarantos the singer and dancer of tecno brega, so Wikipedia tells me. I’ve seen mentions of it being (yet another) official song. For one of the official sponsors, but this one only being pushed in Brazil.

UPDATE: There’s also this song being pushed by the official fizzy drink partner in Brasil. They sing it in Spanish and English so I don’t know how the Portuguese speaking Brazilians are taking this… Either way this is a top song and deserves a listen.


Via the When Saturday Comes (WSC) website there’s this:

“An unofficial World Cup song, Vatreni Zmajevi by Ante Cash aims to unite Bosnian and Croatian supporters. The lyrics include a line about the neighbouring states facing each other in the final while singer completes a sticker album with players from both squads forming a single team.”


Again this is via the WSC website:

“Several countries have launched official songs for the World Cup. Here’s Mexico’s. You’ll understand why it has more “dislikes” than “likes”.”


Found via YouTube this is a very decent effort, sung in French and English (the official languages). The 4 – Venez Célébrer:

Additionally – There’s another song: Askia Ft J Milly “Allez Les Lions” which is worth a watch/listen.

Group B


The article is originally on the Daily Fail website but I don’t want to give them any hits, so here’s a mirrored post of the same. The video is full of branding for a Spanish utility company who are one of the main sponsors.[1].

“Defending champions Spain are the latest to launch their bid for chart domination with a tune called ‘Buena Energia’ (‘Good Energy’), and some leading members of the squad lend a hand. Diego Costa features with a cameo on the bongos, Xavi has a good bash on the drums and Iker Casillas picks up the tambourine in the video.”


Thanks to Ed for mailing to let me know that this is the official song for Holland, by Gerard Joling.   Very showbiz:

Additionally there’s Oranje laat de leeuw los.
Oh and there’s also this song: Ons Oranje – Juichend (Met Van Gaal!) which seems to be a love song to Louis van Gaal.


Reuters article via whtc.com about the ex-president’s brother:

“Miguel Pinera, famed in Chile for writing bouncy pop songs, dating models and being the brother of ex-President Sebastian Pinera, has released a track ahead of the soccer World Cup exhorting his fellow Chileans to cheer on the national squad.
“Vamos Chile” is intended as a homage to the Chilean team who will play in the finals in Brazil, said the flamboyant Pinera, whose dark beard and rotund shape give him a look similar to former Argentine soccer star Maradona.”


The Australian national team (the Socceroos) have an official song done by reality show winner Samantha Jade. It’s a very dull brainless dance tune. World Cup songs are supposed to be event/football related, but this is just a.n.other song which I suppose is the point. She can repurpose it and sell it somewhere else. If you know of something better than this crap let me know.

Update: Since there’s absolutely nothing decent for Australia I’ve gone back to the 2006 World Cup and there’s this by comedian Simon Kennedy about Harry Kewell.

Group C


Can’t find anything for the Colombian national team. But everyone knows of their most famous singer. She has previous World Cup songs and has done an unofficial tune this time. Added because of the football connection and because I have a thing for her (well who doesn’t).


Found this via YouTube where the rapper Vike Jey Pie has taken a familiar football chant (“woah-oh-oh-ah..”) and added his own lyrics. WARNING: There’s a bit of effin’ and jeffin’ in the middle. Also since I don’t know Greek I have no idea of the lyrics (apart from the usage of English swearwords) so I have no idea if the song is about hatred or similar. If you do know and do understand what his is singing and it is objectionable, let me know.

Ivory Coast:

Reggae is very big in the Cote d’Ivore and one of the biggest singers is Alpha Blondy, who did this for the last World Cup in South Africa – ah the vuvuzela…


Nothing found in relation to a 2014 World Cup song for Japan so in the meantime here’s this crappy effort from 2010.
Hey if you can find something better…

Group D


I found this via Freaky Trigger who are running a pop world cup compo. They’ve featured this song from Uruguayan artist Dani Umpi and since I can’t find anything Uruguay and World Cup and since it has people in the video wearing football shirts…

UPDATE: The chaps at WSC have found this one from the band No Te Va Gustar. Originally done for the 2010, re-released to cash in for this World Cup, there are some of the Uruguayan squad trying to join in with the live version on that video.

Costa Rica:

Nothing found in relation to Costa Rica and a 2014 World Cup song, but did find the following, once again via Freaky Trigger.
This is the Costa Rican-born Debi Nova who to me seems to be like a cross between Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Why include her ? Well because as mentioned I can’t find any WC songs but mainly when you search for images of Debi Nova here’s her playing at some football tournament.


I’ve featured quite a few songs on the 2014 World Cup Songs – England post. There are hundreds out there. As always. But these are the pick of the few. But which one to highlight here ? I’ve decided to go random, close my eyes and stick a pin in the paper and we have… ah the ska track. This is very decent actually:


Italy have an official World Cup song. This via Football Italia:

“Italy’s 2014 World Cup theme song has been presented, including a video with players in action.
“As a team we will try to bring a similar emotion to this song, though one that lasts longer, because the World Cup is a long tournament!” said Prandelli.
The song is ‘Un Amore Così Grande 2014’ by the band Negramaro and proceeds from the sale will go to a charity researching into Lou Gherig’s Disease.”

Group E:


Logo Escrito is… well I don’t know. I know he’s from Switzerland. But…he sings in Spanish… Logo has done this WM (World Cup) song which when you look at the video is less for the Swiss team (although he does wear their shirt) and more for the World Cup event itself. But I’m including it in Switzerland because I can’t find any other Swiss/WC songs and because he is Swiss. And now I’ll stop saying Swiss. Swiss.


Can’t find an official song or any from Ecuador that are World Cup related so there’s this, from the Ecuadorian born artist called Fabrikante. Why ? Just go and have a look at the very striking at a bit insane video below that’s why.


There an article here where the FFF have said there’s not going to be an official song, but it does mention that an artist called Mickey 3D has released a humourous song.
And that song sounds like…

Google translation from this other article says:

Mickey 3D wrote and performed a song with the team of France to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. With “It’s okay” , the duo Etienne combines humor and second degree for quite a quirky and original track with lyrics like “It’s okay that Ribery is not pretty, it does not matter that Benzema is rude, it does not matter even if it is the fault Nasri … “


Thanks to Jorge Romero (@jromero2687) for letting me know about this one from Bullaka Family ft Pilo Tejeda.
The song Sopa de Caracol (Conch Soup) is an old standard in Honduras and this is a World Cup version.

Wikipedia: “…The song was originally written by Belizean singer Hernan “Chico” Ramos, and translated into Spanish by Banda Blanca. It was released by EMI Latin in 1991 and achieved international success, peaking at number-one in the Billboard Top Latin Songs in the United States.”

There’s also this homemade video of the Honduran national team, with music from Janeiro Sound Machine.

Group F:


An initial search turned up nothing… so search in Spanish instead and see what comes up. And what did come up is this. I have no idea if this is funny/serious, a parody or something.

Additional: Thanks to Michael Hudson (@DolphinHotel) who is on a jolly to some South American countries at the moment – he found this song, Copa Mundial from Dario Rocketsound, a Buenos Aires-based artist.


Hello and thank you to Ervin for contacting us about his song.

“My name is Ervin and I’m Bosnian living in Hackney, London. Me and my mate Emir made song to celebrate first ever appearance of Dragons at WC.
Video comes with english translation. It tells the story of how it feels to support total underdog for years, only for the underdog to win one day against all odds.”
Hackney Dragons – Navijam za BiH (Idemo u Brazil!):

I also found this song for Bosnia-Herzegovina done by a couple of kids.
Half decent as well.

Vladimir emailed to let me know about Velahavle – Idemo Ludo, Idemo Jako (Let’s go crazy, I go). The song is available as a free download.


There are loads of songs for the Iranian football team. Go to the Persian Football Forums and have a watch/listen to all of them.
Here’s one from Jame Jahani Music which features a couple of Iranian footballers:

World Cup Music “Hamleh” Director : Saman Moghadam
Footbalist Haye Ghadim Baray Jaame Jahani Mikhanand
Nima Nakisa, Pejman Jamshidi.


This from Sugar Sports, Nigeria’s No.1 Sport magazine:

Solidstar releases the official video for Super Eagles 2014 FIFA World Cup theme song to support our Super Eagles for the World Cup! This video features cameo from the Nigerian Supporters Club, Iyanya, Yung6ix, Emma Nyra, Selebobo, Tekno, Charass, NonnyD, and Waconzy.

Group G


It’s not just us with the English disease… of singing a song for your country, Germany have that too. There’s no official song so like us everybody and his dog had a go. Have a look at the 2014 World Cup Songs – Germany post for all of the examples. I’ve chosen the “best” one of that group.


A while ago the Portuguese journalist Marco Vaza contacted me to ask why do Stoke City fans sing the song Delilah? (Short answer: nobody really knows). He wrote an article about it.
I mailed him recently to find out if Portugal have something for their World Cup campaign and he tells me that this one is being promoted as an “official anthem”:

Additional: There’s another official song this one by Kiki


There is a seriously high standard of songs I’ve found for Ghana. Both of them are outstanding. Why can’t the other countries be like this ?
Eventually I got it down to two candidates and in the end the one below just edged it, but please watch the other Ghana World Cup song from: The Big Slash feat. Papa Owura – For The Red Gold Green then watch the one from Noella Wiyaala, which you can download FOR FREE from her website.


Before embarking on this venture I trawled through the depths of previous efforts in the 2014 World Cup Songs – USA post. But there is a new song for this World Cup done by Washington D.C musical artist Kwami Darko – and you can download this song for free Bandcamp page.
N.B: I thought this song deserved a USMNT montage so I created one:

Group H


Thank you so much Thomas for posting a comment and pointing me towards the official WC song for Belgium. It is far better than the one I had here. He’s linked to a video where the singer Stromae is explaining to members of the Belgium team how the video should be made – and he also talks to Marc Wilmots, the Belgian coach, about different tactical formations.
» Go and watch that first then watch the official video below:


This looks home made and is half decent actually – Viva Algeria in Brasilia world cup 2014 “Fiesta” by TehFaStudio:

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Adam Brandon (@caniggiascores for letting me know that the above is their version of another song first released in 2010: Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo.


Russia have already written off this World Cup and looking to the next one which they’ll host in 2018.

South Korea:

There’s two songs from South Korea and it looks like both are from the same singer or group… I don’t know. It looks like it.
Either way have a look at this one and the one below called Go Reds Go:

There you have it then. A song for every country. As you’ve seen I’ve cheated on a few – the ones where I can’t find an official or unofficial song. If you know of a good candidate then leave a comment below ↓ or use the contact form or tweet me @FootieAndMusic.

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