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A Football and Musical Xmas

I swore to myself that I’d never look at this subject every again, but I just… can’t… resist…

Who is it behind the question mark ? Click to find out


It’s getting closer and closer to that big seasonal event and you are wondering… Has he found anything for this year or have we escaped ? Well…

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The F&M Xmas Selection Box

I was going to post something else, but like many of you I am busy for the next few days so here earlier than planned are some (very) randomly selected tunes which may or may not have anything to do with footie&music. Last year’s selection

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Happy Christmas Your Arse

In what has become an annual tradition now… It is nine years to the day since some drunken tw@t in a speedboat took Kirsty’s life. Still sadly missed and this is for her. » Link to video > » Hypem » Lyrics It was Christmas

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FC Bayern And Christmas Music

I know, I’m doing my best to ruin what is supposed to be a seasonal celebration. But hey don’t shoot the messenger, it’s the piano player you should be looking for. This former lounge singer just does not know when. to. stop. He continues to

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Walking In A Chelsea Wonderland

Like yesterday’s appearance, this is another Football and CHRISTMAS music abomination – this time the team involved is… To be fair to them the actual team wasn’t involved, which is a good thing. There are many similarities between the Sunderland one and this one: Both

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The 12 Days Of Sunderland

NO you can’t make me. I’m not going to do it. Threaten me all you want I will not… Where did you get those photographs from…? WELL HEY HELLO THERE ! Let’s celebrate the season with some festive related music ! – With this coming

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You’re An Old Slut On Junk

I’m not actually here. This is being robo-posted. Has bugger all to do with footie or music but I don’t give a toss. This will become an annual tradition. The best Christmas song ever. A song that tells how it really is at Crimbo time

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[Subs Bench] The Football & Music Selection Box

Just going through the draw, clearing things out and posting the remaining song that have a vague footie + music + Chrimbo connection. Before I add these a reminder of some from this time last year: » Emlyn Hughes and Suzanne Dando – but not

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Hey He’s Huge Ya ?

A slight return to songs about individual footballers… There are visitors to this website from places far and wide. I’m assuming that they are Brit Expats but there are others who according to the stats are googling for other things and like many of do,

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Crimbo In Villaland

My rate of posting has gone right down as of late… I was hoping to get the third song about a goalie out and maybe a couple of the follow-up ones about other Gunners, but decided to take a Bundesliga-type break for now with those.

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You Scumbags You Maggots

Off topic, not footie related. Unless any of the band played for Finsbury Park F.C… Still THE best Xmas song bar none. As we saw last week we’re not like the septics who go apeshit at the merest glimple at a nipple. We like our

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The Continuing Horror

I have found out why Spurs haven’t won anything for ages and why they had that nightmare start to this season resulting in the “mutual consenting” of Martin Jol. You are paying for past musical sins committed by someone who was associated with your club.

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Em and Dando

My Dad was at school with Emlyn Hughes. He was in the same class as him for some subjects. He told me that “our Em” was exactly like you saw him – confident and maybe a bit big-headed. Dad wasn’t friends with him, but did

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Half Man Half Biscuit All Tranmere

After some sad and bad songs it’s time to rescue this particular road crash of a theme week with a half decent tune. This team is one you’ve never seen play but everybody knows their name and they especially know what their away shirt looks

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“The Elvi’s Have Left The Stadium”

Yesterday we had three ingredients that should never meet. Today I’m going to throw in another one which again you would usually never associate with some of the others. Today it is: Football. Music. Christmas and… Elvis. How the hell this came about I don’t