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The Last Word On Bayern

I promise this is the last of this mini-series featuring Andrew White… Oh and Bayern Munich of course… Dare I say… he’s like a cross between The Hoff and Jess Conrad. Less the Hoff because he’s not known anywhere else apart from Germany, more the

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FC Bayern And Christmas Music

I know, I’m doing my best to ruin what is supposed to be a seasonal celebration. But hey don’t shoot the messenger, it’s the piano player you should be looking for. This former lounge singer just does not know when. to. stop. He continues to

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Bayern Cover Versions

Previously I posted about American-born now Bavaria resident Andrew White and his collaboration with the FC Bayern first team. That single actually got into the German hitparade at number #7 and hey guess what – he didn’t stop there. In the 1990′s Bayern Munich became

Andrew White

Sing For Us Bayern, Sing !

Let me introduce you to Andrew White, who in his home country wouldn’t get a 2nd glance. But over in Bavaria he’s a local version of the Hoff…

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Bailing On Bayern ?

By their standards Bayern Munich had a bad season. It culminated in April when they were gubbed by (the eventual winners) Barcelona in the Champions League and California Klinsmann was dismissed soon after. They brought in Jupp Heynckes as a caretaker manager and there was


Gerd Müller : A Life In Song

One of the most prolific strikers in history. In his time Gerd Mueller scored 68 goals in 62 international appearances, 66 goals in 74 European Club games (both records) and 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games.

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Ich Roque !

(or.. “er Felsen !”… if Google Translate did it’s job.) Posted one last week because I expect the subject to be in the headlines very soon and this fortuitously timed entry is about another back page attention getter who’s transfer speculations has been going on

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Kahhhhhhhhhhn !

Today’s goalkeeper is one that provided much entertainment for us and especially for the media. (Hover over the next couple of links.) No not that one. A bit later than that. Yeah you are nearer, but I said entertaining not calamitous. There’s your man. It’s