Brian Clough

A new podcast about another figure who loved the limelight…

I don’t know if Brian Clough did actually love it, but he knew he couldn’t avoid it. Was part of the job so he played to his audience. Which was usually the TV presenters but occasionally he parried with his fellow professionals.

This particular pod briefly covers his Derby days but is mostly about Cloughy’s time at Nottingham Forest.
Like all the F&M pods it has music and audio clips from interviews and elsewhere:

Tracklistings: FootieAndMusic Podcast – Clough:

  • 1. “Shut up while I’m talking…”
  • 2. Keith Mansfield – Young Scene (Big Match theme)
  • 3. “I’m a professional…”
  • 4. JJ Barrie – It’s Only A Game
  • 5. Muhammed Ali
  • 6. JJ Barrie – You Can’t Win Them All
  • 7. Cloughy singing.
  • 8. The Strikers – Forest Fire
  • 9. Paper Lace & Nottingham Forest team – We Got The Whole World In Our Hands
  • 10. TV report about Clough cuffing a fan.
  • 11. Barmy Army – Brian Clout
  • 12. The Toy Dolls – Cloughy Is A Bootboy
  • 13. Shredded Wheat advert.
  • 14. Vic Blackwell & Forest Supporters – Nottingham Forest
  • 15. “Shut up and show some more football”
  • 16. Give Us A Kiss – Sorted For Clough
  • 17. Setanta TV tribute.
  • 18. Forest fans: “Brian Clough’s red army”

Postscript:The Vic Blackwell & Forest Supporters song was recorded in the 1970’s and “is of the time”, so if you have sensitive ears you may want to skip past that part.


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