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Signups now CLOSED. This here for information only.

The regular readers know what it is, but for anybody new here…

The prediction league does exactly as it says on the name: You try to predict the final result on all the matches being played in the World Cup.

The league is open for signups from now and will CLOSE before it all kicks off on Friday June 11th.

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A Quick Guide…


– How to enter your predictions:
When you are signed in – Click on “My Predictions”.
You will then see a list of all the matches being played that week.
(I’ve split it into weeks so that there will be a weekly winner)
Enter in what you think the result will be and click on the “Predict” button.
If you’ve selected the option in your profile you will receive an email confirming your predictions.
-> Because we know exactly who is playing and when, you can click on “My Missing Predictions” and enter in a result for ALL the matches. This will guarantee that you will not miss any of the games and you can come back later to change them if you like.

You earn points by predicting the outcome correctly.

– If you predict a correct result – ie: You enter 2-1 and the result is 1-nil, you will get 3 points.
– If you predict a correct score – ie: You enter 3-0 and the result is 3-0 you will get an extra 2 points.
So if you get the right result and score you get 5 points. (3 for result, 2 for score).
» More info here.


At the moment there are no prizes and for now you are just playing for the pride.
UPDATE: We are scrounging a few things together which will be offered to the prize winner. At the moment we have an mp3 (& video) player, USB flash drive, a few DVD’s and some tat from Tesco’s !

Still looking for more so the question below remains:

» Do you work for a company that has something to promote ? Footie and Music is happy to be sponsored by… for this prediction league if you can offer whatever you are pushing as a prize. Please contact us here.


As mentioned we know exactly who is playing and when. If you think that you might not be able to access the site during the tournament click on “My Missing Predictions” & do your numbers.
If you miss out then you miss out. Deal with it.
-> Additionally: There’s always a few that sign up at the start and then don’t do their numbers, or there’s some that do a few at the beginning and then don’t come back. I will do a cull of these deadbeats after the group stages and after each knockout stages. If you don’t think that you will see out the whole tournament then don’t sign up.


If you are pouting because you are not instantly in the top half of the table and want to jack it in, then that’s your choice. You can delete yourself from the league by clicking on your profile and entering in your password and pressing the button at the bottom.

*Other Bits*
Once you’ve signed up you should automatically be a member of the Prediction League. Keep an eye on the left hand menu for a message, if it tells you that you are not a member of the league – click on “My Profile”, look for the “Joined Leagues” section and check to see if there is a tick in the box. If not check it and click “Join League”. Also while you are in there you can set a default score – on that will be applied to all your predictions – BUT ONLY IF YOU HIT THE PREDICT BUTTON.

There’s a selection of icons that you can use. These icons can be seen by other players .
If you want to chance your current icon then click on the image (when you are logged in) and you will be taken to the icon gallery. Select a new one by simply clicking on that image.
– If you want to use your own icon then send a pic to me via the contact form.

…and then listen to some music:

» The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (7 inch)

» More Colourbox here

» The 1986 ITV World Cup Theme

» More themes
» » Even more themes

…Oh and yes I know that it should be ‘An Evening With… because that was the World Cup and not ‘My Summer With…’ because that was the European Championships, but I prefer the company of dishy Des rather than lug eared Lineker.

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  1. excellent idea. have polished the crystal ball and looked into the near future.
    now I’m really getting in the mood for the WM 😀

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