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The World Cup

This will probably be the last word on the subject for another four years.

Everything Is Practice - featured image

Everything is Practice

There’s a football and musical project from the ABC Trust (Action for Brazil’s Children) which you’ll find of interest…


My Brother Woody

Musical artist My Brother Woody attempted to write, record and release a football themed album before the World Cup.
We report on how that went and what we have so far…

Screaming Maldini logo

Screaming Maldini

If you give your band a football and musical name, that raises a flag with me.

If this band then goes on to record a football and musical tune, that’s a flag and a salute.

Brasil - protest graffiti against the 2014 World Cup


The awarding and staging of the World Cup isn’t a popular one in Brazil. Here are some artists who sing of their protest…


Follow The Ball

I am annoyed with myself that I didn’t know about The Ball earlier. It’s been around for years. I should have known. Why didn’t I…

The Italian Match

The Italian Match Job

From the archives: A match report from a game that was later associated with a gold heist which took place in Turin at the same time…

Stephen Fry

On The Ball City

Stephen Fry and Norwich City with the oldest football song in the world…